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Updated: 09 Mar 2023

Posted By: Jacob

A citation in its basic sense refers to providing credit to the respective authors information when being paraphrased or used in your text. The citation tells readers about the credibility of the information provided in your content. The reader of the research or article tends to obtain meaningful value by adhering to the citation provided along with the information presented within the research paper. This citation guides additional information towards the subject area to its readers.

Writing content in general and citing it with the appropriate sources is all considered a part of effective academic writing. The citations provided in the content raise the credibility of the information and data for which further discussions can be made within the paper. Irrespective of your academic career field reflecting a particular degree, our assignment writing services offer quality delivery keeping in mind the appropriate use of citations provided under differential formats of working.

Purposes Of Citation

The objective of citation in academic writing provides a great deal of help to the writer to provide evidence-based support and boosts the relevancy of the content. You can use citations in the text to provide application context by referring to a specific trend being discussed within the content. Citing relevant sources throughout the project will make the research paper look professional. In addition to this, the process involves the following deliverables;

  • To provide credibility to the information within the content delivered.
  • To determine the wider scope of understandable content delivered to the audience, by referring to existing literature sources and famous research.
  • To provide strength for the discussions made for your content.
  • To secure decent grades within your respective academic degree or pursue the field.

When considering an academic assignment citation plays a vital role in achieving good grades for the respective projects. The citation sources provided by the author justify the authenticity and reliability of the content that can be evaluated through differential sources. The content's citations increase the validity of the facts and figures, allowing for more in-depth debate inside the document.

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What Is A Citation In A Sentence?

The citation within a sentence is used when providing information on any specific information or data that is being used by the researchers to develop their content. The use of citation within a sentence is done to provide relevancy to the research discussions and interpret the findings being obtained for the research aim. The citation also provides the data of the author for the source of information being taken along with the publishing year and page number if necessary within the context of the research report.

Have you ever enquired about the query, rewrite my assignment"? Well, many resubmissions are given by universities due to improper use of citation styles. The assignment help services come with a team of professionally trained experts who works dedicatedly on regular basis to deliver quality academic content. The experts have distinctive knowledge about the academic writing norms and propose effective service delivery models by providing timely delivery of academic assignments and maintaining the proper quality of work.

Citation Example/ Types

A citation style refers to a set of guidelines for which differential sources taken within the research document can be presented. The most common use of citation is when you desire to quote, summaries or paraphrase any content idea or theme already published by an author. Four basic types of academic citation cover the following

  • Integral Citations: For the respective type of citation, you need to provide the name of the respective author within the grammatical part when citing a sentence. The citation establishes a major focus on the researcher rather than the research. These types of citations are done when considering the interpretation of literature findings which will be compared along with the research objectives.
  • Non-Integral Citations: The provided citation type is the most commonly found style within academic research. For the respective citation, the source elements are formatted under the brackets. Such elements placed within the brackets include; publication year, family name of the author, number of the respective page and webpage UR. For example; (Black, 2023, p.669)
  • Multiple-Source Citations: Such type of citation is used parenthetically and is placed within the brackets as non-integral citations being arranged alphabetically. The researcher under the mentioned type of citation can source multiple authors for the given information or data within the formulated research paper. For example; (Black, 2023; White Maroon, 2022; Pink, et al., 2021)
  • Secondary Citations: The respective type of citation is also known as an indirect citation. The citation format is used whenever a text written by some other creator contains the concepts of one author but you haven't studied or had access to the previous author's work. For example;(Black, 2020, cited in Black, 2023).

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Can A Citation Be A Reference?

We sometimes get confused between a citation and a reference as both terms are used interchangeably by scholars. The purpose of citation is to present information that is relevant to the context of the research fact. On the other hand, reference is used to supply additional information for the research data cited in the text. The reference is usually presented at the end of the research document under the reference list heading.

What Is The Best Citation Format?

As such, there is no distinction over using any specific citation style that exists within the academic writing field. However, the citation style that is APA is considered to be the most convenient form of citation style being used within several research papers. The APA format is widely used in many domains of research including; social and behavioral sciences. The MLA style is followed after APA under the second best citation format to be used under humanities subject of working.

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