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Updated: 03 Nov 2022

Posted By: Jacob

Best Marketing Dissertation Topics To Attain Highest Grades

Marketing is business focused and has a lot of aspects involved in it like sales, creativity, analyzing trends and building a clientele. Dissertation is an important part in completing your marketing degree. It has a lot of weightage in the overall grades and requires original research and impeccable presentation skills in academic writing.

What Makes Good Dissertation Topics On Marketing?

A good marketing dissertation topic should include the following-

  • Practical to conduct research on
  • Is need of the hour
  • Relevant to your coursework, time and region
  • Abides by the university guidelines
  • Does not violate any ethical considerations

How To Choose Dissertation Topics In Marketing?

Choosing a good dissertation topic can be tricky as this is the first step in a long process of research. Some key steps in choosing the perfect marketing dissertation topic are-

  • Check the guidelines of your institute and coursework
  • Select a broader topic of your interest
  • Conduct a literature review in that topic and narrow down to a specialization
  • Find a research gap in the specialization of your interest
  • Frame a research question, aims and objectives for your dissertation
  • Check for plausibility of the research under the restrictions of your institute

Some Marketing Dissertation Ideas Curated By Our Marketing Dissertation Help

We have discussed what a is good marketing dissertation topic and how to choose it. But if you are still stuck, we have provided dissertation marketing topics list here according to topic for your assistance.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Effectiveness of digital marketing in the integrated marketing community in the 21st century

Reference- Ryan, D. (2017). Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page.

  • Study of digital marketing strategies for business growth

Reference- I scaron;tvanić, M., Crnjac Milić, D., Krpić, Z. (2017). Digital Marketing in the Business Environment. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Systems, 8(2), 67;75.

  • Misleading digital marketing and its impact on society

Reference- Mackey, T. K., Liang, B. A. (2013). Pharmaceutical digital marketing and governance: illicit actors and challenges to global patient safety and public health. Globalization and Health, 9(1), 45.

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Effect of social media marketing on consumerism

Reference- Lucius, H., Hanson, J. (2016). Consumerism and Marketing in the Digital Age. Retrieved from

  • Impact of colour psychology in social media marketing

Reference- Hajd uacute;, N. (2021). Importance of color marketing in the evolutive marketing concept. Multidiszciplin aacute;ris Tudom;nyok, 11(5), 288;293.

  • Impact of pop-up advertising on consumerism

Reference- Wang, L., Ampiah, F., Xu, L., Wang, X. (2014, November 1). The Influence of Pop-up Advertising on Consumer Purchasing Behavior.

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Violent advertising in fashion industry

Reference- Andersson, S., Hedelin, A., Nilsson, A., Welander, C. (2004). Violent advertising in fashion marketing. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal, 8(1), 96;112.

  • Impact of social media influences on fashion marketing

Reference- Wiedmann, K.-P., Hennigs, N., Langner, S. (2010). Spreading the Word of Fashion: Identifying Social Influencers in Fashion Marketing. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 1(3), 142;153.

  • Category management in fashion marketing

Reference- Dewsnap, B., Hart, C. (2004). Category management: a new approach for fashion marketing? European Journal of Marketing, 38(7), 809;834.

Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Psychology of marketing communication in sports

Reference- Kahle, L. R., Riley, C. (2004). Sports Marketing and the Psychology of Marketing Communication. In Google Books. Psychology Press. Retrieved from 66y_LapXAuNQkBc5Di5NHKs&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=sports%20marketing&f=false

  • Website persuasion in sports marketing

Reference- Elden, M., Cakir, S. Y., Bakir, U. (2018). Website Persuasiveness in Sports Marketing. Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Computers in Management and Business - ICCMB ’18.

  • Customer service in sports marketing

Reference- Tomlinson, M., Buttle, F., Moores, B. (1995). The Fan as Customer: Journal of Hospitality Leisure Marketing, 3(1), 19;36.

International Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of e-tickets on the international market

Reference- Sheth, J. N., Sharma, A. (2005). International e‐marketing: opportunities and issues. International Marketing Review, 22(6), 611;622.

  • Impact of perceived risk on international marketing

Reference- Kim, L. H., Kim, D. J., Leong, J. K. (2005). The Effect of Perceived Risk on Purchase Intention in Purchasing Airline Tickets Online. Journal of Hospitality Leisure Marketing, 13(2), 33;53.

  • Personal values in international marketing

Reference- Muller, T. E. (1991). Using Personal Values to Define Segments in an International Tourism Market. International Marketing Review, 8(1).

Mobile Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of mobile marketing on brand image

Reference- Shareef, M. A., Dwivedi, Y. K., Kumar, V. (2016). Mobile Marketing Channel. Mobile Marketing Channel, 25;45.

  • Privacy issues in mobile marketing

Reference- Yartey, D., Omojola, O., Amodu, L., Ndubueze, N., Adeyeye, B., Adesina, E. (2021). Personal Data Collection and Usage for Mobile Marketing. Customer Awareness and Perception. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on BUSINESS and ECONOMICS, 18, 42.

  • Customer segmentation in mobile marketing

Reference- Mller, J. M., Pommeranz, B., Weisser, J., Voigt, K.-I. (2018). Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing in industrial buying: Still in need of customer segmentation? Empirical evidence from Poland and Germany. Industrial Marketing Management, 73, 70;83.

Business Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Ethics in business marketing

Reference- Tsalikis, J., Fritzsche, D. J. (2012). Business Ethics: A Literature Review with a Focus on Marketing Ethics. Citation Classics from the Journal of Business Ethics, 337;404.

  • B2B Business Marketing

Reference- Business Marketing Management: B2B. (n.d.). Retrieved from

  • Customer satisfaction in business marketing

Reference- Customer satisfaction in business-to-business marketing: The case of retail organizations and their suppliers. (2000). Journal of Business Industrial Marketing, 15(2/3), 106;121.

Sustainable Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Sustainable marketing and social media

Reference- Minton, E., Lee, C., Orth, U., Kim, C.-H., Kahle, L. (2012). Sustainable Marketing and Social Media. Journal of Advertising, 41(4), 69;84.

  • Consumer support for sustainable business

Reference- Peterson, M., Minton, E. A., Liu, R. L., Bartholomew, D. E. (2021). Sustainable Marketing and Consumer Support for Sustainable Businesses. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 27, 157;168.

  • Impact of sustainable marketing on sustainable development


Outstanding List Of Dissertation Topics

How To Find Good Marketing Dissertation Topics And Marketing Assignment Help?

If you are stuck with your dissertation topic and do not know how to go about it, you can contact any assignment provider or dissertation help online. Online marketing dissertation topics can be found readily, but for further assistance you might need to avail the services of dissertation helpers. But do not worry, you have come to the right place as we at Help Assignment have a solution for all your problems.


What are some interesting marketing dissertation topics?

We have provided a list of dissertation topics in marketing here. You can go through it and decide on the topic that interests you the most.

Which are the best marketing dissertation topics?

Any marketing dissertation topics are preferable that suits your university guidelines and is plausible to conduct research on. The best ones will be the ones that are relevant to the time and region of the research being conducted and answers a present research gap or updates on an old research theme.

Where can I find some marketing dissertation topics examples?

You can look up your area of interest in journals and find good published papers related to it. There are also dissertation marketing topics list for the main marketing divisions provided here that you can refer from.

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