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Updated: 01 Mar 2023

Posted By: Jacob

A parenthetical citation is a method to give credibility to a particular source you are paraphrasing or quoting. In general, it includes details like the date of publication, the author's name, the book's name, etc. It can be used in several citation styles, such as APA, Chicago, and MLA referencing style assignment help. As a student in Australia, you must write assignments using parenthetical citations. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to be aware of the parenthetical citation, examples, and types and how to use them. So, let's get to know about it in the details below.

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Meaning Of Parenthetical Citation

A parenthetical citation is all about giving credibility to a source that you have used for information in your assignment. It would help to acknowledge the author of a direct quotation (including a block quote) or a paraphrase whenever you use the words. Although each style is unique in achieving this, a parenthetical reference example may speak volumes.

When Should You Use Parenthetical Citations?

While most parenthetical citations are included in the paragraph that follows the original quote, there are other places where they can be recorded. The final Reference lists, which may be located after your academic assignment, must also include bibliographical citations for all in-text citations.

The State Of Rephrasing

Instead of using a straight quotation, let's discuss what occurs when you can paraphrase material from a source. What standards should you be mindful of in this case, and how do parenthesis citations apply?

It is essential to cite even if you paraphrase some other author's work. Let's see how this might appear in practice using the samples from the MLA section above:

If you're paraphrasing, be sure not to skip this phase. One of the cornerstones of scholarly work and integrity is giving appropriate acknowledgement to your sources when utilizing direct quotations; failing to do so is detrimental to both the author and you. After all, correctly referencing sources only strengthens and increases the credibility of your argument or conclusion.

Types Of Parenthetical Citation

As we have said above, parenthetical citations are generally used in the form of MLA, APA referencing style help , and Chicago. In this section, we will discuss in detail.

MLA Parenthetical Citation

While using MLA in-text references, author-page citation is used. This indicates that the author's last name and a page range or number is included in parentheses.

Put "and" between the names of the two writers when there are two authors listed in a source. When there are two authors, you need to mention the name of the first author followed by "et al."

When referencing several consecutive pages, use a page ranged when mentioning page numbers. If book pages are not consecutive, provide each page number that applies, separating them with commas.

APA Parenthetical Citation

Author-date citations are the name given to APA in-text references. This implies that parentheses citations must include the author's last name, publication date, and, if necessary, a page number or range. You can use commas to separate these components.

Lets Have A Look At Parenthetical Citation Example

Provide both authors' names and use an ampersand to denote their separation when a source contains two writers. Only the first author's name should be used when several writers are on a source, followed by "et al."

For mentioning particular pages, place a "p." before a page number one page in length and a "pp." before a page range or run of disjointed pages.

Chicago Parenthetical Citations

Author-date citations are utilized in the Chicago referencing style assignment help author-date style. Such parenthetical citations provide the author's last name, publication date, and, if appropriate, a page range or number. You can use a comma after the year.

You may include all authors' initials when two or more authors are listed for a material. If there are more than four writers, the first author's name should be listed, followed by "et al."

When referencing several consecutive pages, use a page range when mentioning page numbers. If the pages are not sequential, provide each page number that applies, separating them with commas.

How To Cite Online Sources?

Several research publications are now solely released online due to the academic community's growing reliance on technology. The transition to digital for academic journal articles, magazine articles, E-books, and other sources has greatly enhanced accessibility.

The writing of in-text citations might vary depending on the internet source. For instance, some of these magazines or online papers have obvious page numbers. Yet, assuming that the reader would search the whole source for the one stage you have cited is impractical.

What then is your course of action in this circumstance? Instead, you utilise the paragraphs. When citing an online source, you might use an acronym to draw attention to the specific section you're referencing. Look at this illustration:

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